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How to Buy Smoothie Mix in Bulk?

How to Buy Smoothie Mix in Bulk?

Smoothies are a great tasting and convenient way to get the daily recommended supply of fruit, and they offer some pretty impressive benefits, but they can be pretty expensive when purchased from the local fruit stand. An all-natural smoothie mix is the perfect way to cut costs without sacrificing flavor. Buying from wholesalers or an in bulk smoothie mix is likely the cheapest way to stock up on smoothie goodness. If you’re concerned about short shelf life when purchasing smoothie mix in bulk, you should know that some brands out there offer up to 12 months shelf life.  The question will then be: would you be able to consume all this smoothie mix within the expiration period? You might be surprised to learn that although smoothie mixes were designed to make smoothies, they are also a valuable gastronomical tool that can be used in countless ways and applications.  


Ingredients and Integrity 


Buying smoothie mix can be tricky. So before you commit to a bulk purchase of smoothie mixes, make sure to read the ingredients first.  The finest smoothie mixes  on the market today are the ones made with pure and simple ingredients. No GMO’s, added sugars, preservatives, additives and any other ingredients you might find difficult to pronounce. It’s also a plus if they are vegan friendly and contain a few fruit servings per smoothie.




One of the more frustrating aspects of making fresh fruit smoothies is in their actual preparation. To make a great smoothie, you have to have the best fruits and vegetables on hand. Stocking your fridge with heaps of fruit is great, but it does have a limited lifespan that can lead to waste. A smoothie mix allows you to make quick smoothies on the go using only ice and water, without peeling, cutting, slicing and without any waste or spoilage. Just open the bottle, add a little ice, and push blend. It’s hard to beat convenience like that.


A Culinary Tool 


An easily overlooked aspect of smoothie concentrates is their potential for culinary versatility! They can be used as a delicious topper for desserts like cheesecake and ice cream, fruit bowls, parfaits and yogurt. If there’s a mixologist hidden in you, you’ll find quickly that you can utilize your bulk smoothie mix purchase towards a wide array of alcoholic beverages like cocktails, margaritas, daiquiris and more.  There’s really no limit to what can be done with the 100% fruit mix, so your economical bulk purchase of smoothie mix will  deliver a great return on investment!


How To Buy In Bulk? 

When it comes to bulk purchases of your smoothie mix, there are usually two ways to go about it. The first would be shopping at a club like Costco and benefit from a bulk discount. Some brands will offer variety packs with which you can sample more than one flavor at an economical price. Another way to shop smart in bulk for smoothie mixes is to contact the wholesalers or manufacturer. You are most likely to face a minimum ordering requirement at a reduced rate, but based on your personal consumption, it might be worth it. 

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